Barbara Cameron Fellowship

Barbara Cameron Fellowship

Please note that the Barbara Cameron fellowship is a past fellowship and is no longer being awarded.


History of the Barbara Cameron Award

Barbara Cameron, who endured rheumatoid arthritis for an extended period, expressed her desire to contribute to research on the disease. In her honour, her sister generously donated $200,000 specifically designated for rheumatoid arthritis research.

To read the original letter of donation from Barbara Cameron’s sister Jean Hale, click here.


Information about the Barbara Cameron Award

Applicants were required to be Fellows or Advanced Trainees of the RACP or its Faculties or Chapters or members of the ARA who held a doctoral degree or equivalent, awarded within the preceding five years.

If the applicant was not a Fellow or Advanced Trainee of the College or its Faculties or Chapters, a major member of the Research Team had to be a Fellow or Advanced Trainee.

The purpose of this Fellowship was to promote and encourage research into the cause and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and education of both professionals and patients about this disease.

Funding could have been used for:

  • Providing stipend support
  • Other support such as laboratory set-up costs
  • A short-term Research Assistant appointment





Application Process


Past Recipients




2021 Mihir Wechalekar Improving outcomes in rheumatoid arthritis (RA): Investigating mechanisms of biologic disease-modifying drug response, or lack thereof, by an integrated genomic and biological marker approach
2020 Rachel Black

Reassessing the mortality gap in rheumatoid arthritis in Australia

2015 Helen Benham

Pre-clinical rheumatoid arthritis: prediction and prevention

2012 Graham Mackay  
2011 Mandana Nikpour  
2009 Nicholas Manolios

Application of a cyclic peptide for the treatment of T-cell mediated inflammatory disease

2007 Sharon Van Doornum Early management of myocardial infarction in rheumatoid arthritis patients – a comparison with the general population
2005 Peter Youssef Mechanism of action of zoledronic acid in inflammatory arthritis