Grants in Aid

Grants in Aid

Eligibility and Definition

The ARA Research Fund provides funding for several Grants in Aid each year. These are for short-term projects with well-defined aims, which can be achieved within a 12-month period. In some cases, grants-in-aid will address questions which complement established programs of research. Only new investigators and those undertaking allied health research are eligible for these grants, excluding physiotherapists unless they meet the criteria of a ‘New investigator’ (defined as within six years of receiving their PhD). Previous funding from Arthritis Australia and potential overlap with other sources of funding is taken into account.

The details of these can be found on the Arthritis Australia National Research Program website or on the Past recipients page here.


Up to $20,000



Application Process

Arthritis Australia

Past Recipients






Caitlin Jones   

REduced oPioids After joInt Replacement Surgery (REPAIRS): a pilot trial


Annabelle Small  

Synovial neutrophils in early rheumatoid arthritis: relationship with clinical outcome and the development of improved handling procedures  

Kim Watkins

Closing gaps in osteoarthritis care through community pharmacy


Laura Ross

Development of a patient global assessment for systemic sclerosis  
2022 Madeleine Bryant

Validation and integration of Patient Reported Experience Measures in outpatient rheumatology care in Australia

  Suellen Lyne

The Healthcare Burden of Giant Cell Arteritis in South Australia


  Joshua Zadro

Stratified care integrated with eHealth for low back pain


2021 Shereen Paramalingam

Cardiac MRI in myositis


  Marina De Barros Pinheiro

Enhancing transition from hospital to community based exercise for patients with musculoskeletal disorders


2016 Mandy Nikpour

A disease damage index in scleroderma



For information on recipients of ARA Research Fund grants prior to 2016, please contact the ARA Research Fund Secretariat target=”_blank”