Ken Muirden Fellowship

Ken Muirden Fellowship

Eligibility and Definition

Applicants must be a member of the ARA in the last year of advanced training in rheumatology or having completed that training within the previous two years. 

This grant is designed to give a rheumatologist who is about to or has completed advanced training in rheumatology within the last two years an opportunity to undertake further clinical or research training overseas in an approved institution in any country.





Application Process

Arthritis Australia

Past Recipients





2024 Talia Igel

Identifying Ancestry-Specific Lupus Molecular Profiles that Could Uncover New Genetic Causes of SLE


2023 Thomas Khoo

Identifying predictors for the development of severe statin-related muscle disease and optimising its treatment through exploring the role of the anti-HMGCR antibody


2022 Aravinthan Loganathan

Fellowship in Inflammatory Myositis, Interstitial Lung Disease and Data Science

2021 Luke Williamson

Fellowship in Adolescent Rheumatology and Data Science


2020 Adam Rischin

Identifying predictors of trajectory in patients with inflammatory disease across the life course


2019 Danae Papachristos

Clinical features, disease course and treatment outcomes of neuropsychiatric systemic lupus erythematosus (NPSLE) in a large cohort of patients at the University of Toronto Lupus Clinic


2018 Huai Leng (Jessica) Pisaniello (nee Yong) The role of mobile health (mHealth) application in real-time capture of self-reported symptoms and longitudinal activity, and its feasibility in patient-focused remote monitoring in musculoskeletal disorders  
2017 Joanna Tieu

Optimising therapy in ANCA associated vasculitis



  Lauren Host

The clinical and biological significance of altered IL-7 expression in systemic sclerosis



For information on recipients of ARA Research Fund grants prior to 2017, please contact the ARA Research Fund Secretariat

Funding Guidelines

Within three months of completion of the project for which ARA Research Fund donations were awarded, the successful applicant will be required to submit a written report in layman’s terms about the project (for publication) as well as a full scientific report to Arthritis Australia (AA) and to the Australian Rheumatology Association (ARA). The ARA should also receive a copy of any publications resulting from this work. The ARA Research Fund must be acknowledged on any publication related to the funded work and oral presentations and/or posters should include the ARA Research Fund logo, where feasible.